I can perform at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. I’ve featured in music videos, shows on stage (both theatrical and artistic) and advertisements in the past.

Learning Belly Dance

I give belly dance lessons to groups and individuals (beginner to advanced level) in house or in rented studios.

Belly Dance Styles

Sword – Dancing with a sword and stabilising it using various parts of the body.

Stick (Saidi) – This is a folkloric dance from Egypt. It involves performing acrobatic movements with a stick.

Khaleeji – Arabian dance movements that require tidy footwork, hair spins and turns. Kahleeji was originally developed in Saudi Arabia.

Iraqi – A dance that involves head spinning, jumping and shimmies to the rhythm of chobi music.

Isis Wings – Dancing with veils which resemble the wings of Isis.

Veil – Belly dancing with coloured or textured veils.


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